Durban Container Terminal: Paving Repairs

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  • Construction Date

    July - September 2009

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Project Value: R100m

Transnet Capital Projects has conducted an assessment culminating in a report (by others) on the deterioration and resultant suggested rehabilitation measures of the container terminal pavements in the Port of Durban. RCE Consultants was appointed to review the report and its findings/suggestions. As a result of this review, RCE’s brief was extended to prepare designs and documentation for rehabilitation of the pavements.


Key Features

The objectives of the review were to evaluate the performance of the pavements with a view to designing the appropriate rehabilitation measures.

The key features of the project encompassed the following: Critical analysis and review of a report on the pavement performance prepared by others | Categorisation and quantification of the pavement defects with reference to photographic records prepared by others | Preparation of a review report based on findings | Preparation of the necessary designs, drawings, specifications and schedules for tender purposes.


Services Provided

The professional services provided by RCE Consultants included: Study of methodology, findings and recommendations of report on paving performance prepared by others | Compilation of Review Report | Investigation and formulation of repair alternatives | Compilation of technical specifications | Determination and preparation of schedules of quantities.



RCE Consultants provided the Client with a review of previous findings regarding paving failure and rehabilitation measures, including repair alternatives. The compilation of technical specifications and schedules of quantities enabled the Client to approach the applicable industry for tenders.