RCE Consultants (Pty) Ltd provides specialist services related to rail related process modelling and simulation.

Simulation is regularly used in cases where the probable future behaviour of an integrated system involving rail has to be determined under various expected real life conditions and system disturbances. The application of simulation modelling is especially useful to assist in analysing complex environments since it fosters improved visualisation, communication and understanding of the processes nested within the system. This allows for informed decision making in a risk free environment.

Rail process design and modelling forms the fundamental input into simulation modelling. RCE has developed in-depth rail operational process design and modelling know-how through the years. Modelling of open line train movement as well as complex rail yards and terminals are often performed. The latter includes rail integration with materials handling equipment as well as multi-modal transportation applications.

Over and above train performance simulations that are mostly performed in-house, RCE uses the services of strategic partners to perform a variety of simulations using different software packages, depending on the specific application.

Integrated system performance under different process perturbation and equipment failure conditions | Presentation of equipment configuration alternatives in logical comparative sequence | Process and flow modelling to inform complex rail yard and port layout design | Model and simulate interactive and interdependent rail systems | Train performance simulation | Use of what-if questions on a progressive and iterative basis to enable logistical comparison informing decision making.
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