RCE Consultants has a wealth of experience in conducting feasibility studies involving a wide array of engineering and/or logistical projects. Most of the risk associated with any undertaking can be identified and successfully mitigated through a thorough and effective feasibility study.

Feasibility studies are essentially low cost risk management tools that manages project expectations and avoids possible expensive mistakes in the future. Aspects such as the suitability of concepts to achieve project objectives, business feasibility in terms of profit generation, identification of risks and challenges, engineering and technical do-ability and costs, long-term viability, etc. all form part of study outcomes. RCE also advises on the most appropriate scoping and processes for conducting feasibility studies.

Pre-feasibility studies are often performed prior to actual feasibility studies. This regularly involves the creation of diverse and innovative concepts, use of different and/or new technologies and the high-level development of various possible process, logistics and/or engineering options. These options and concepts are then evaluated and the most feasible taken forward for further analysis.

RCE strives to provide the study owners with adequate and rational information to make well-versed decisions. In many instances, the underlying assumptions governing a particular study is of utmost importance to the outcome of the study. Clients must therefore have a thorough knowledge and understanding of these assumptions as well as the rational thought processes informing recommendations in terms of alternatives, mitigation of risks and the strengths and weaknesses of different options.

RCE Consultants is also experienced in the governing principles of the so called Project Life-cycle Planning (PLP) or Front-End Loading (FEL) processes. Feasibility studies can be conducted at different levels of detail using the latter if required by our Clients.

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