RCE Consultants (Pty) Ltd provides specialist services related to rolling stock, train design, train dynamics and train handling. Our experience in the application of Distributed Power technology unleashes wide-ranging new possibilities in terms of rail capacity and operating efficiency.

Development of custom locomotive and wagon functional specifications | Evaluation of rolling stock market offerings to determine best-fit to client requirements, including current user perspectives | Rolling stock specification and procurement | Development of rolling stock strategies | Integration of rolling stock maintenance processes with rail operations | Rolling stock life-cycle costing.
Fit-for-purpose train design | Enhanced volumetric capacity using DP technology in train design | Optimised rolling stock allocation, application and utilisation | Train design integration with operating process requirements.
Integration of train handling and alignment design | Energy efficient train handling techniques | Train performance simulations | Train dynamics support for accident / incident investigations.

Rail Operations encompasses the complete railway operations planning function and includes Train Service Design, Rail Logistics Design and Operational Readiness.

Although the actual service execution is a hands-on function that is performed according to the particular railway operators’ prerogative, service execution planning provides inputs into service execution management and monitoring.

Train Service Design includes the following: Development of rail operating plan | Train service scheduling | Resource planning and scheduling | Optimisation of train operations | System capacity analysis and enhancement.
Client/commodity/location based rail transportation logistics design | Train plan integration with interfacing supply chain processes | Optimised rail siding functional layout development and design | Optimised rail siding processes | Development of best-fit rail transportation solutions.
The objective of Operational Readiness is to ensure that the transition from the completion of project deliverables and actual full rail operations takes place as efficiently as possible with minimum value leakage. RCE Consultants performs operational readiness reviews on all rail operational aspects of project commissioning such as the introduction of new railway lines, yard layouts and rolling stock or changes in rail processes such as the introduction of new or altered service designs.
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