RCE Consultants has expanded into the field of transport system planning as a natural migration from in-depth exposure to railway and civil engineering projects. Rail transportation often encompasses intermodal logistics planning and interfaces with other modes of transport, bulk handling equipment and systems.

An understanding of and integration with relevant supply chain elements, especially at rail transshipment locations, is therefore critical in designing sustainable and holistic transport system offerings. An intimate knowledge of the engineering aspects of train movement and train service design, which ultimately inform the rail infrastructure and materials handling equipment at interfaces, completes RCE’s transport system planning skills-set.

Transportation demand translated into train and capacity requirements | Route determination and optimisation within parent network constraints and operating conditions | Origin to destination en route railway system and operations engineering evaluation | Development of route enhancement options and phasing | Optimisation of locomotive and rolling stock selection and train design | System capacity planning, high level train modelling, rolling stock turnaround time determination and quantities | Capital cost estimation of network and rolling stock enhancements | High level determination of system operating costs | Site or siding layout optioneering in combination with train planning and materials handling equipment functionality.
RCE Railway & Civil Engineering Transport System Planning 1
RCE Railway & Civil Engineering Transport System Planning 2